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GeoMicro's AltaMap Routing Engine with a route optimization was designed and developed to create routes based on user specified origins, waypoints, and destinations. It provides turn by turn driving directions, distance, and estimated drive times for the US and Canada.

The route optimization was built to maximize flexibility to calculate the shortest route or fastest route, avoiding highways and toll roads. It also supports real time traffic feeds and can provide alternate routes that avoid congested or closed roads.

AltaMap Routing Engine and route optimization delivers unsurpassed performance, and reliability. AltaMap Routing engine performance also makes it ideal for batch routing to generate drive time polygons and isochrones.

Vehicle route planning software solutions and route optimization.
Intelligent analysis and planning of your route logistics gives you an edge in an increasingly complicated world. Improve fleet efficiency, enhance customer service, and streamline your overall operations with our GPS fleet management and tracking products. Geomicro offers several industry-leading vehicle routing software packages. Regardless of your industry we have a software package that can assist you to improve your operation.

Demo: Complete North American geocoding and driving directions. Begin by entering a beginning and ending address. A cartographic quality map with detailed turn-by-turn driving directions are generated.

Help & Support

GeoMicro's products include detailed user documentation and comprehensive tutorials that will have you developing and testing code within hours. Optional maintenance available which provides ongoing tech support and software upgrades. Contact to see which option is best for you?


GeoMicro's Tracking Server is a modular technology and services solution based on the AltaMap LBS Platform. Because each company has different needs and each module is customized this product is offered through GeoMicro's Professional Services. This self hosted product, is the most cost effective method for an enterprise to deploy a web based Fleet Management or Mobile Workforce Management Solution. Read More

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems are entirely electronic, meaning that all location data is automatically received, recorded, and analyzed by the program. There’s no need to go digging through piles and files of paperwork to find records of your fleet vehicles’ trips. All the data can be stored as electronic files and filed in your computer system. Read More



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